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Brian Bellenger, CACII, CES I 


    Path to Freedom


    Anger: The Endless Maze

    Explosions or implosions, plotting revenge, an inability to let it go, and  negative internal dialogue all lead an individual into a maze. Easy to fall into, but hard to find a way out until now.


    Resolution: Finding My Place

    My focus is to help individuals resolve anger both internal and external. Understand why they react instead of respond. Create awareness and change internal dialogue. Help individuals find healing and self forgiveness. 


    Specialist: A Unique Process

    A unique way to view anger and resolution from a new pair of glasses. Starting to see oneself and the world around them in a whole new light.

    About Me

    Brian Bellenger, CACII, CES I

    Brian has been working with persons with substance use disorder since 2009.  He is a certified addictions counselor level two, certified experiential specialist level one, and certified anger resolution specialist. As a counselor, he has facilitated a variety of groups, individual counseling sessions, and created a specialized way to resolve anger. 

    This new way of looking at anger, which he created, is called the Anger Resolution Blueprint. This  goes beyond dealing with how a person presents their anger by asking questions about why this person suffers from unresolved anger and how to resolve it. Learning why a person reacts instead of responds opens the door to a new understanding. In this place a person can create a blueprint that shows them in detail how to move from fear to freedom. Brian has also created a specialized training around this to teach and help certify other professionals, so that more individuals can be reached and begin their healing process.

    Brian is passionate about recovery, his and yours. He has a unique style combining realism with humor to help others grow the connections needed to achieve their goals. He only works with those who have been affected by issues related to substances.

    If you would like to make an appointment to see Brian please book a session or training. If you prefer you may also contact him via email at  resolutionblueprintcounseling@gmail.com or call at 404-431-5939

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