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What is our focus at Resolution Blueprint Counseling?

RBC is a counseling agency that creates a mind, body, spirit approach to helping people. I have blueprints built to assist others in achieving their goals. I offer individual sessions that focus on resolution also I do workshops, training for professionals, and intensives.


Brian Bellenger BSW, CACII, ARBS, ERBS


Brian has been working with persons with substance use disorder since 2009. I have a Bachelors of Social Work, Certified Addictions Counselor Level Two, and is the creator of both the Experiential Resolution Blueprint Specialist and Anger Resolution Blueprint. As a counselor, I have facilitated a variety of groups, individual counseling sessions, and created a specialized way to resolve anger. I focus on helping the whole person mind, body, and spirit. If you would like to schedule an Anger Resolution Blueprint session, intensive or learn more about Anger Resolution Blueprint or Experiential Resolution Blueprint for training professionals my number is 


The training for ARBS is focused on how to take a person from fear driven to self forgiveness that helps them experience true freedom. 

The training for ERBS is  

focused on skill building by demonstrating Connection, Icebreaker, Group Cohesion, Frustration Tolerance, and then having participants facilitate pieces of this blueprint for themselves.

Path to Freedom


The Endless Maze

Explosions or implosions, plotting revenge, an inability to let it go, destructive eating habits, a lack of self care and negative self talk all lead an individual into a maze. Easy to fall into, but hard to find a way out until now.


Finding My Place

The focus is to help individuals resolve both negative internal messages and external negative actions. Understand why they react instead of respond. Create awareness and change internal dialogue. Help individuals find healing and self forgiveness. 


A Unique Process

A unique way to view resolution from a new pair of glasses. Starting to see oneself and the world around them in a whole new light.

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Why ARB?

Types of unresolved anger covered under Anger Resolution Blueprint.

The three most common types of anger experienced from those with substance use disorder are:

  1. Outburst anger. This is a person who uses threats posturing, and aggression to induce fear with the hopes of backing others away. (Threats, aggressive language and posturing, violent behavior)
  2. Fantasy anger. This is a person who doesn’t necessarily show a threatening anger reaction, but instead plots against others in their internal dialogue and has an inability to let go of that fantasy. (Plotting hurt of self and others)
  3. Avoidance. Is a person who reacts as if no they never experience anger instead the one tool they most often engage in when a situation arises where healthy anger might be expressed is dissociation coupled with a shame based internal dialogue. (Disordered eating, addictive behavior, relapse)

The purpose of Anger Resolution Blueprint is to help individuals resolve anger looking at negative internal dialogue, internal and external expressions. This blueprint goes beyond learning how to manage aggression by focusing on what kind of thinking drives anger, why some people react instead of respond and how self centered fear is the foundation of unresolved anger. The blueprint then guides people to create awareness and change internal dialogue thereby helping them experience healing through self forgiveness. 

There are many types of anger and reaction from hurt feelings to rage, we cover the three most common within the addiction population. Anger Resolution Blueprint specialist training is setup to assist professionals with becoming familiar with the blueprint so that they can use this in their own practice.



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The Experiential Resolution Blueprint Specialist Training is an intense 2 day course that teaches professionals how to reach the Substance Use Disorders population in a way that is relatable and powerful. This specialty training will not only give participants the experience of the activities facilitated, but will also ensure skill building by being able to practice their own facilitation skills in front of a live audience.   

When dealing with a person who suffers from Substance Use Disorder, a hands-on approach can be most effective. The majority of our clients learned their destructive behaviors through experience and someone showing them how to perform certain acts.  Teaching new coping skills and conflict resolution skills through experience allows for a client to better attach concepts being presented, thus instilling new habits that are not high risk within our population. 

In this training, participants will learn a garden variety of Group Cohesion Activities, Icebreakers, Connection Activities, and Frustration Tolerance Activities. They will also learn the importance of sequencing these activities and how to debrief them properly.   While this training does focus heavily on group facilitation skill building, some activities will be demonstrated for one-on-one settings as well.  

This training will have each participant facilitate a number of activities over the course of two days, so that they can receive feedback and constructive criticism on how to become the best facilitator possible. They will not only have the opportunity of building these skill sets, but have the experience themselves.


Advanced Training

RBC offers advanced training on both blueprints for those who have done the full training and need more information, guidance, and inspiration. This is where we take a deeper dive into "how to" work these blueprints with both individuals and groups. If there is a specific issue that seems to cause you a "hiccup" along the way you may find the answer here.

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