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RBC is a counseling agency that creates a mind, body, spirit approach to helping people resolve anger, instead of managing it.  Whether it be outward (I hate you), fantasy (I wish I could hate you), or inward anger (I hate myself). I offer both zoom and in-person individual sessions that focus on resolution also I do workshops, both online and in-person training for professionals, and intensives.



Brian Bellenger BSW, CACII, ARB-A

Brian has been working with persons with substance use disorder since 2009. I have a Bachelors of Social Work, Certified Addictions Counselor Level Two, and is the creator and author of the Anger Resolution Blueprint. As a counselor, I have facilitated a variety of groups, individual counseling sessions, and created a specialized way to resolve anger.  Having been a client in Anger Management classes. Understanding the coping skill set, but never resolving any underlying issues kept me frustrated for years. I focus on helping the whole person mind, body, and spirit. If you would like to schedule an online or in-person session, intensive or learn more about Anger Resolution Blueprint for training professionals my number is 


Differences Anger management or Anger Resolution



Anger Management is the process of dealing with the problem of anger as it comes up per situation. This is predominantly with what happens after an outburst.


Anger Resolution is the action of solving a problem by understanding why and where the anger originates, then resolving it at its source. 


Anger Management states that anger is the problem and teaches a set of coping skills on how to control it as it arises.  


Anger Resolution states that anger is a symptom of the problem which is fear. We teach the individual how to forgive themselves so they can see solutions to their problems with clarity to help resolve those issues before the person becomes reactive which reduces their fear.

ARB and The Brain:

Many with substance use disorder and unresolved anger unknowingly damaged their brain. Specifically, the prefrontal cortex which enables a person to make sound, rational decisions.

The Blueprint has been designed around what neurologists believe works best to help them regain control over their emotions by lessening fear and forgiving themselves to create a new inner voice.

Path to Freedom


The Endless Maze

Explosions or implosions, plotting revenge, a lack of self care and negative self talk all lead an individual into a maze. Easy to fall into, but hard to find a way out until now. Just fixing anger is like taking your car to the hair salon and wondering why the tires are still flat.


Finding My Place

The focus is to help individuals resolve both negative internal messages and external negative actions. This goes way beyond learning how to manage anger. Understand why they react instead of respond. Create awareness and change internal dialogue. Help individuals find healing and self forgiveness. 


A Unique Process

A unique way to view resolution from a new pair of glasses. Starting to see oneself and the world around them in a whole new light.

Anger Resolution Blueprint 404-431-5939


Created and Authored by Brian Bellenger 

The purpose of the Anger Resolution Blueprint is to help individuals resolve anger, by going far beyond learning how to manage aggression. Instead we guide the participant to experience freedom through self forgiveness. The Anger Resolution Blueprint uses a mixture of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Techniques), Experiential Activities, Motivational Interviewing, and Guided Imagery. We have trained over 80 professionals and taken hundreds through the Blueprint. Our success rate over the last three years has been above 80% for those who complete the 8 sessions. We view success as the participant staying clean and sober for 18 months after completion of the Blueprint, staying out of court for anger related charges, and making strides in changing how they talk to themselves. ARB first identifies the three types of anger, most commonly found within the substance use disorder population. These types are known as outburst, fantasy, and inward. Then takes the participant back through their history, their original structures that were built, like a house, by identifying the foundation of their anger. We focus on the layers of their house. Which are the skills the participant learns to protect their feelings, the feelings that they believe were threatened and the negative inward messages that result in unresolved anger. We do this for two reasons. The skill set was learned in early childhood and we help secure the link from then to now. The other reason is that protection they have always used has become less effective over time. We discuss how the brain affects the ability to respond leaving only reaction. New concepts that focus an importance on accepting your own humanness and living in the moment. Then assist them in creating a new inner voice thereby helping them to heal. 


Advanced Training for ARB-Engineers

RBC offers advanced training for those who have done the full training and need more information, guidance, and inspiration. This is where we take a deeper dive into "how to" work the blueprint with both individuals and groups. If there is a specific issue that seems to cause you a "hiccup" along the way you may find the answer here.

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We do not believe in the effectiveness of Anger Management especially for those with substance use history. The Anger Resolution Blueprint uses a mixture of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Techniques), Experiential Activities, Motivational Interviewing, and Guided Imagery. If you choose to resolve the issues that lead to anger. We can teach you how to accept your humanness, forgive yourself, and change the negative inner dialogue to a positive, healthy way to speak to yourself.

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